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Volunteering is critical to the work we do serving the animals that come to Bentonville Animal Services.

Together, staff and volunteers ensure that animals in our care get exercise, mental stimulation, love and companionship. Below are ways we plan to involve volunteers once our shelter opens to the public. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dog walking

  • Cat socialization

  • Events

  • Adoption assistance

  • Pet photography & writing for pet bios

  • Cleaning/household tasks

  • Special projects


We want every animal brought to us to have a chance for a long and happy life. Shelters can be stressful places for certain pets. Foster homes can provide a less stressful housing option that can often speed recovery, minimize behavior issues, and increase chances of adoption. 

Below are some of the animals we anticipate will need foster homes once our shelter opens:

  • Bottle Babies (0-8 weeks)

  • Puppies & Kittens (8 weeks-4 months)

  • Nursing Moms with Babies

  • Healthy Adult Dogs & Cats (4+ months)

  • Pocket Pets (ex: hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, etc.)

  • Medical Case Dogs & Cats

  • Senior Dogs (7+ years)

  • Senior Cats (10+ years)

Click below to download a Foster Application. Please complete and email to

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