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Hi! I'm Rocky!

I'm a senior male Labrador Retriever. I do have arthritis and possibly hard of hearing, but that doesn't stop me from getting around. My favorite thing to do is just be around people. I seem to be potty-trained, and I do know quite a few manners. I don't mind other dogs or cats. I would do best in a home with kids who are a bit older. If you're looking for a dog that is laid back, then I'm the old man for you!

Updated Rocksters.JPEG

Hi! I'm Daisy!

I'm just a baby girl (about 10-11 weeks old). They named me Daisy because I'm as precious as a flower! I'm the cream & white Terrier mix in that photo. I love everyone and everything, but giving kisses is the absolute best!



Hi! I'm Jet!

I'm an adult male Staffordshire Terrier mix. I'm about as cool as can be. If I were even cooler, you'd have to invest in a serious heating unit! I love to play around, but also enjoy just chillin'. I'm a good boy who listens pretty well & I plan on trying to steal your heart!


Hi! I'm Rebel!

But don't let my name fool you because I'm actually a good boy who knows some manners & listens pretty well! I'm a young adult Staffordshire Terrier. When I first got to the shelter, I was very scared & shy, but the staff was so kind that I warmed up quickly & now all I want to do is play with ALL THE TOYS! 

Also, Mikayla Adair at Shelter Insurance fell in love with me and decided she would sponsor my adoption fee!


Hi! I'm Bubba!

I'm a big ole goofball! I'm a young adult black Labrador Retriever. I love to play. Instead of wiggling my tail, I wiggle my whole body. (Which is why my photos are kind of blurry!) If I'm not next to you, then I'm chasing a ball. Volunteers and staff say I'm loveable, and I would love to be your new pet!


Toy in mouth_edited.jpg

Hi! I'm Hudson!

And I'm known for my strength AND my gentle nature! I'm an adult male Staffordshire Terrier. I'm a lovable doggo with an endearing personality. I love making friends and would make the BEST addition to your home!



Hi! I'm Eloise!

I'm an adult female Border Collie mix-the one with the shorter hair. I can be adopted with my sister (Evie) or apart. I am a smart & kind girl that loves to run around & would enjoy an active home!


Hi! I'm Evie!

I'm an adult female Border Collie mix-the one with the medium hair. I can be adopted with my sister (Eloise) or apart. I am a smart & kind girl that loves to run around & would enjoy an active home!

Hi! I'm Drake!

I'm here to be your new best friend! I'm an adult black Labrador. I already know most of my basic commands. I take treats easily and gently. I like running around & going on walks. What more could be better? Well, besides you being my BFF?


Hi! I'm Kiba!

I'm a young adult male German Shepherd mix. I have a heart full of love to give, but to the right person. I am shy and nervous around new people and unfamiliar situations. But with love, patience, and positive reinforcement training, I have been making great progress at the shelter, and will continue to do so in the correct home environment. Kids are pretty cool, but I'd rather hang out with chill adults, especially someone who can be understanding and continue to work with me on building confidence. I do get along with other dogs that I meet. If you're looking for a  handsome boy who will be loyal, then I'm the guy for you.


Hi! I'm Scooby!

I'm an adult male Siberian Husky. I'm large, but I'm lovable! I love nothing more than being around cool people, just hanging out. I'm pretty sure you're cool and it would be even cooler if you took me home and let me serenade you and cuddle you!


Hi! I'm Blizzard!

I'm an adult male Husky. I'm smart, I'm handsome, I've got a great personality. What more are you looking for? If that didn't get ya, let me tell you about my smarts! I know all sorts of commands and a couple tricks too! Charm, good looks, heart of gold? Got all that too!


Hi! I'm Pee Wee!

I'm a young adult male Terrier mix. I may be small, but I have a huge appetite for cuddling! I seem to be potty-trained and seem to be pretty chill, but I can get a little shy at times. If you want someone to chill on your couch with you, or go on some neighborhood walks, then I'm your guy!


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